The franchise of Yu-Gi-Oh it is famous in every corner of the world, with millions of fans who assiduously follow every product linked to the brand, both as regards the collectible card game and for what concerns manga and anime, with new series that continues to come out today for keep busy an audience hungry for news.

Well, just recently, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, Kazuki Takahashi, has decided to share a sketch dedicated to his creature on his Instagram account. The man, in fact, is well known by the community for his numerous interactions with fans, occasions that have however been increasing precisely in this last period, where the pandemic has forced countless people to have to remain closed at home.

So here to distract the public from the current heavy situation, Takahashi decided to draw one of the most loved characters of Yu-Gi-Oh. We are talking about the splendid Young Black Magician, which was portrayed - as you can see by scrolling through the news - intent on riding his broom with great joy, judging by the smile that is put on display. The man also took advantage of the sketch to say:

"I feel like I'm only drawing men, but in some cases I also do something else."

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that over the past few days it has been confirmed that the publication of the episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS has been temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus. In addition, staying with the Yu-Gi-Oh and Coronavirus theme, a fan managed to earn the praise of many after making a nice themed mask.

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