Doctor Garaki is one of the first characters of My Hero Academia which are presented to the reader. We get to know about it within the tragic flashback of Midoriya, in which the aspiring hero learns that he does not have a Quirk.

A figure that initially did not arouse too many suspicions, but which with the advance of the chapters - especially in the narrative arc of My Villain Academia - turned out to be an indispensable element for All For One plans and his successor, Shigaraki Tomura.

During the last weekly releases, the hero Present Mic finally managed to capture him, and the latter - while being escorted out of his laboratory - discovered the cards about his dark past:

"Seventy years ago, the world rejected me and my theory. The theory of paranormal singularity, they said it was an absurdity based on weak evidence. Everyone ignored me. In those days, when the world struggled to end the war and claim the peace, nobody wanted to know of yet another collapse in the distant future ".

The only one who believed in Garaki's ideas was All For One, who presented himself to him as a savior giving him all his trust. A trust well rewarded, on balance, having All For One benefited from the doctor's experimental talent. His latest contribution, the grafting of an even higher power into Shigaraki's body, could represent his greatest triumph.

Specifically, what is the thesis on the singularity of Quirks in My Hero Academia? The protagonist of My Hero Academia and its main nemesis, Shigaraki Tomura, share numerous parallels.

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