An absolutely original idea from a fan comes true. The two monsters that Duel Monsters best represent are just one step away from being part of an official set LEGO x Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Even after more than twenty years after the debut, the animated adventure is from Yugi Muto it is still one of the most popular. As evidence of this, there's an interesting project by a fan to create a LEGO set based on two of the card game's most iconic monsters on which the work is based, the Dueling monsters.

A few months ago we told you about the LEGO Set Black Wizard vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a fan-created project that today took a decisive step towards official approval. Proposed by LEGO Ideas, a web platform that enables users to send their original ideas to the world's leading toy manufacturer to be included in potential official sets this gem almost received the votes it needed to get on the market.

For it to be official, LEGO needs ideas Reach 10,000 votes in favor of. In a few months, the Zero Helix project reached the 13% of helpful votes, that's about 1300 votes. If you want to see this set on the shelves of stores, all you have to do is add to the user's cause. Finally, we leave you to the dream of Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans.

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