In the July issue of the magazine Nakayoshi from the publisher Kodansha it was announced that the spin-off manga written and illustrated by Haruyuki Yoshida, Hataraku Saikin It will end in the next edition of the magazine, on July 3.

Yoshida began publishing the manga under the supervision of Akane Shimizu in the Kodansha publisher Nakayoshi magazine in April 2017. The publisher will publish the seventh and final compilation volume on August 6.

The manga is a spin-off of the manga written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu, Hataraku Saibou, which is published in the magazine Monthly Shonen Sirius from the Kodansha publisher since March 2015. The publisher published the fifth compilation volume in August 2017. This manga is inspiring a second season of its anime adaptation that will premiere in January 2021.

Synopsis of Hataraku Saikin

Cells are not the only organisms that inhabit the human body! Deep in your gut, a war breaks out between good bacteria, bad bacteria, and opportunistic pathogens. The evil bacteria, led by the Welch bacilli; and good bacteria led by Bifidobacteria, are constantly found in battles for supremacy within the intestines.

Source: ANN

© 吉田 は る ゆ き / 講 談 社 KODANSHA


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