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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9
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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9: A Gourmet Getaway ~ Fragrant Tentacles on the Beach ~

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive Chapter 9, Kokkoro wins the jackpot in a raffle, making members of the ‘Gourmet Guild‘Will go to the beach on vacation. On site, the energetic Pecorine plays with Yuuki and Kokkoro, only to take Karyl on a small sea voyage. After a while, they were all exhausted by the fun, in what they were resting they meet Suzume.

After saving Suzume they head to the small business that Saren has on the shores of the beach, taking advantage of the opportunity to eat. However, they are the only customers of the place despite being lunchtime. Something due to the popularity of Akino's main business dish, Saren's childhood friend.

Karyl, frustrated at being considered a rookie, along with the ‘Gourmet Guild‘They decide to help Saren find a shocking dish in order to better compete against Akino's business. Thing that they achieve after a small problem on the beach facing the Kraken.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9
© ア ニ メ 「プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive」 製作 委員会

The ‘Mercurius Foundation’

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9 made its appearance ‘Mercurius Foundation‘, Which I suppose will be the name of your guild, or at least something like that. Among its members are: Akino, Tamaki, Mifuyu and Yukari. Four new female characters with waifu potential. However, they did not have so much screen time to ensure that they have earned an important place on my personal list for this anime. For example, Mifuyu only appeared once, standing behind Akino, so his swimsuit was not even seen. Although his personality I love to see in the close servants of many characters. Assuming she is Akino's servant, as is Suzume for Saren.

For his part, Akino showed a complete personality of the typical ojou-sama, and not only his personality, because he also aesthetically reveals these details, such as those curls that are more common to see in characters with high social status in anime. Of course, apart from having an arrogant and arrogant personality, it is much more tsundere. What I find funny for this character.

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Tamaki belongs to the race of beastmen without a doubt, however, something that I found curious is that, despite having an appearance with feline touches, it has two tails. So I have doubts if there are "branches" within that breed similar to cats. It could be compared to Karyl, but in addition to the extra tail, there is also the crutch (if it can be considered that way) "nya”Every time he finishes his prayers. Detail that has always given it a great touch moe many characters, and this is no exception.

Yukari has traces of belonging to the elven race, so I'll assume it is. He showed a calm personality normally, at least until he drinks alcohol, since once drunk, he shows his hidden personality. One that repulses couples in a certain way, possibly by herself not having one. This personality I have normally seen in female characters who are concerned about their future by not having a relationship despite their age, for example, a teacher in her late 20s who has never had a boyfriend. Because of this personality I was left with the enigma regarding Yukari's age to show this personality. Especially for her breed, which is known to live a long time, at least in general stories.

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Although the four members of the ‘Mercurius Foundation‘They have their appeal, they did not have enough screen time to finish being interested in one of them and add it to my lists. Of course, if I had to choose one it would be Mifuyu, despite being the one that spent the least time on stage.

Regarding the objective of your group, it seems to me that they are focused on taking advantage of all the business windows they find. A better goal than delGourmet Guild' definitely.

Other characters

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9 we could see once again Saren and Suzume, who had an appearance in previous chapters. And best of all, in an “arch” in which there were fanservice with bathing suits. Something that made me take more interest in Saren specifically, because despite not having a body as voluptuous as Suzume, she never stopped showing feminine charms her character. Charms that I couldn't help but feel a little attracted to. Leading her to have a high place on my list of female characters in this anime.

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However, the one that stole my gaze when I saw her in a swimsuit was none other than Karyl. Of which every time I begin to like this character more and more, to the point that I believe it is already my favorite female character in this anime. Unless in the few remaining episodes to air someone appears to snatch this title. I already see Karyl as a potential waifu, being on the same list as characters like: Kurumi Tokisaki (Give yourself to Live), Miku Nakano (Gotoubun no Hanayome), Kana Uehara (Re-Kan!), Kaoru Tanamachi (Amagami SS), and a few more.

After listening to Tamaki's way of speaking, I can't get Karyl's imagination out of my head ending all his sentences with elnya‘. That although he has said it at some other time, he does not do it all the time.

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Pecorine in this episode, in addition to showing her great body in a swimsuit, also announced that, without her armor, she is a "normal girl". Something that I honestly do not think is the case, as he continued to show great resistance and strength despite not wearing the armor, only with the crown. Although, this revelation confirms my theory of the possible existence of weapons and / or armor that were spellbound, granting them benefits. Although I didn't expect them to have a price to pay. And that in the case of Pecorine it was linked to his great appetite.

As for her appearance with the swimsuit, I must confess that I have never liked female characters that look somewhat absurd in the proportions of their body. While I admit I have liked several voluptuous characters in other anime, these end up being more balanced compared to other female characters in the same series. For example, Yui Kotegawa in To Love Ru.

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The development of Kokkoro

While I could have talked about Kokkro in the past topic, I think he deserves his own place for the sheer number of things he showed in one episode. Being the protagonist that has had the most development in anime so far. Followed by Karyl, but of which the arch in which she is involved remains to be seen.

Going back to Kokkoro, in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9 the first thing he showed and always has done is his great attachment to Yuuki. Something I still have doubts about for the simple fact that she was sent to find and meet him. Being his only objective, but without knowing if it was his dream to do so. While you may have great affection for him now after all you've been through, I think he depends too much on your opinion now. For example, in her swimsuit.

The fact that she was unsure of her appearance with the swimsuit because she grew up and grew up in the forest, gives development to her character. As well as a little to the plot for being linked with Ameth. Generating a certain depth that could be shown if there is (and is adapted) an arch that involves this place.

Another great detail that shows his development as a character, is everything that reveals his way of thinking before meeting Yuuki. His old vision of things. The imagination she had when she was “locked up” in her native home. Now, all those places that they could only imagine with, are appearing in front of her little by little while being next to Yuuki. Whether it's through your adventures, or to take a vacation. Even though he was not the one who caused the trip, as in this case it was going to the beach.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9
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I still believe that Kokkoro "depends" too much on Yuuki, however after this I cannot deny that he has a strong reason for doing so.

Princess Connect! Details Re: Dive - Chapter 9

Athough it does not seems, Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9 did have a slight advance in the plot, which is Pecorine's confession about the benefits of his armor. Well, as we already know, she's under Karyl's watch and perhaps not the only one watching her. Revealing his greatest weakness. There was little progress in the plot, but it was a very important detail for the story despite everything.

Speaking of Karyl and Pecorine, little by little they have shown how Karl is taking affection for the members of the ‘Gourmet Guild‘. Although these interactions are shown many more times with Pecorine. So little by little I have been generating a “shipeo”Between the two. A nice little touch yuri in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Which by the way, is not the only scene or moment yuri in this anime, because even in this same chapter there is the conversation between Akino and Saren, in which the latter mentions the word "like" (with a different connotation), but that still makes Akino blush.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9
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My favorite scene in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9 was when Pecorine and Yuuki are playing on the shore of the beach, throwing water between them. Mainly because of Yuuki's belated reaction to feeling the salt water in her eyes. It was the funniest scene in the episode and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

For its part, the detail that made me most curious in the chapter was none other than when they revealed the existence of the taiyaki in that world. Since technically it is the same as the real world. I mean, it didn't have a "custom" name like the "Krakenyaki" did. I know this doesn't affect the main plot of the anime at all, but it was really what I found most curious about the episode.

As for the animation, I must confess that I feel they could have improved this episode much more with an excellent quality during the duration of it. With this I don't mean that the quality was bad, but I did say that there were some scenes and planes that had better animation than others. As were the focused shots close to the characters, where the quality of the drawing and lighting was very good. However, the scene where they are under the sea may have had a greater impact with a quality that most closely resembled.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 9
© ア ニ メ 「プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive」 製作 委員会

Once again, with this I do not say that the animation was bad, but I personally noticed several moments in which, if it had shown a better quality than the good it had, it would have been much better. Perhaps this is because of the state of emergency Japan was going through during the production of this chapter. Well, compared to the animation quality in the environment shown in the first episode, they still have a lot of potential to show in this episode. So I can't help but be excited about the possibility of improving this with Blu-ray output.


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