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This review on Princess Connect! Re: Dive Contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we recommend you do it and then return to read the review.

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10: Flowers in Eternal Darkness ~ Damn Pudding ~

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive Chapter 10, Pecorine goes shopping in the capital, while Yuuki and Kokkoro would go to leave him some of the lunch that Pecorine prepared for the head of the restaurant. But upon arrival they find him immersed in his thoughts and preparing a pudding. Soon after they discover that he was possessed by Miyao, a ghost obsessed with pudding. Shinoubu, Miyako's guildmate who went to pick her up, notes the power of Yuuki, who was able to perceive Miyako's spiritual energy. So she asks them to accompany her to the house of her guild.

Upon arriving at their guild house, a castle, they are not received in a very good way, however, knowing that Yuuki might be what the guild is looking for ‘DiabolosDejan let them in. Having an audience with the Legendary Vampira, Illya Ornstein. Who, being sealed, shows his adult figure, but coming out of the grave where his seal is, shows a small figure of a girl. However, he returns to his adult form for a few seconds after inadvertently having some of Yuuki's power. Although they cannot be sure of it.

Upon returning home, Yuuki and Kokkoro take Miyako and Shinobu with them, because when Yuuki helped Illya he ended up throwing Miyako's pudding and now he must prepare one to compensate him. After several hours trying to prepare a pudding, Miyako despairs and turns Kokkoro, Yuuki, and Karyl into pudding to eat them. It is then when Pecorine comes to save them preparing the best pudding Miyako has ever tried, although the secret ingredient makes her unconscious.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10
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The ‘Diabolos’ guild

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10 presented to the guild ‘Diabolos‘And its members, including Shinobu, who had already appeared in a previous episode. Besides that they hinted a bit about the guild's objective, which seems to be linked to Illya's resurrection so that it fulfills the wishes of each one of them.

First of all, the Legendary Vampire, Illya Ornstein is a character that interested me quite a bit for the simple fact that she was what led the creatures of the night against humans, elves, and other races. Basically, she is a villain, but with the changes of time due to the seal that has kept her locked up, she no longer gives the air of being a "villain". Or at least not at the moment. Aesthetically I like it, however I feel that they could have shown more of their "vampire" appearance in the chapter.

The seiyuu responsible for giving voice to Illya Ornstein is Sakura Tange, who has also been: Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), To know (Fate Extra: Last Encore), Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?), among others.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10
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Curiously, although in the technical details they mention them, in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10 never say the names of the other two members of ‘Diabolos‘, Being Akari and Yori. Who I think are succubi, or at least they seem so. Akari is the voluptuous one who wants to be the most beautiful in the world, while Yori is the shy one with a secret desire. As they had almost no participation in the chapter, I cannot speak much about them other than my first impression. I both like them aesthetically, but without many clues about their personality, I can't say that they are my favorites.

Akari's voice manager is Azumi Asakura: Kumin Tsuyuri (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!), Asia Argento (High School DxD), Misaki Tobisawa (Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm), etc.

The seiyuu Yori's is Sayuri Hara: Chiaki Oogaki (Heya Camp △), Moon (KonoSuba!), Mio Honda (The [email protected] Cinderella Girls), among others. Fun fact, there is a character called Sayuri Hara belonging to the series of OVAs Arbeit Shiyo !!, which fall into the category Hentai.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10
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The cute little ghost Miyako is the most charismatic of them all, in my opinion. Being obsessed with pudding, she already imagined that with Pecorine's pudding her soul would begin its way to the afterlife. That pudding looked delicious, however knowing the special ingredient I would have had the same reaction too. In general, Miyako was continuously showing her tenderness every time she talked about pudding. Something he did so often that it seems is his only topic of conversation.

Sora Amamiya is in charge of giving voice to Miyako, who has also done it with: Akame (Akame ga Kill!), Akemi Souryuuin (Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?), Aqua (KonoSuba!), Miia (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou), Elizabeth Liones (Nanatsu no Taizai), Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul), among many others.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10
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I don't talk about Shinobu because I did it at the time during his first appearance in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Although I also spoke little about her, this episode does not give much to add to the first impression that the character left me.

Personally, my favorite character from ‘DiabolosÉticamente aesthetically it is Illya, followed by Akari. While in personality I liked Miyako's, in addition to the great work of her seiyuu in charge. Something that certainly surprised me when I found out. Although it has covered a large number of characters with different personalities from each other, it never ceases to amaze me how it manages to make such a characteristic voice for each character.

Pecorine's parents

Along the Princess Connect! Re: DiveThere have been very few occasions when Pecorine mentions her parents, and in this episode I gave a little more information about them. A rather vague one without great details, but that, together with her expression, makes me believe that they are no longer with her. At first my theory about his parents is that they were kings from some country, so they spoiled Pecorine a lot. When she found something she wanted to do, her parents accepted her decision and gave her things to help her on her journey, such as sword and armor.

However, after seeing his expression in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10, which seemed to me to show sadness and / or nostalgia, made the last part of my theory change. His parents being dead, and the armor and sword being the only memory he could keep.

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Honestly its history and Pecorine's so mysterious past. Not to mention the same name which is actually just a nickname given to him by Kokkoro. They make her a very interesting character, because despite her energetic mood, her past may be full of drama. What about being adapted and shown in Princess Connect! Re: Dive It could give the series quite a bit of depth. However, I think there is still much to know a little more about Pecorine, answering some of the many unknowns around his character.

Princess Connect! Details Re: Dive - Chapter 10

This episode was much calmer than I expected, especially since it looked like we were going to enter an arc in which Karyl would take center stage. However, between this and the beach episode, they have shown no intention of wanting to reach that arc. Or to do it would be with a short duration, shorter than I currently imagine. However, despite hardly showing progress in the story, they did have a slight development in the plot, both the beach episode and Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 10. Being more specifically the mention of Eustania-sama, who ordered the demolition of the theater. What it means was a high command of the kingdom, the highest possibility being his highness. The same one that sent Karyl on his mission to watch Pecorine.

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The progress in the story was much less compared to other chapters in which it was not enough, so I am somewhat dissatisfied with it. However, many other things in the chapter seemed perfect and a lot of fun. Within these is the final scene with the disappearance of Yuuki, being eaten by Miyako. Something that made me laugh at the situation and his farewell. But, after the ending, in the short scene in which they mention the name of the next chapter, you could see Yuuki's return, while Shinobu and Pecorine took Miyako by the "legs". What this refers to vomited up the protagonist. Scene that although it did not have many dialogues or movement, it made me laugh once again.

I must admit that the sound section of Princess Connect! Re: Dive I love it. Not only for the large number of seiyuu participating in the series, but also for all the sound effects, and of course, for the music. Unlike animation, which occasionally, with few occasions, has a slight drop in quality. The sound section I have never seen with a decline so far in the anime. Something I appreciate and applaud for it.

Every time my desire to play increases greatly Princess Connect! Re: Dive, so I keep my hope that, thanks to anime, he decides to release the game in more parts of the world. Even if it is in Japanese I would play it. In addition, it can also help me to complement my studies in the language.


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