Dragon Ball Z was a legendary anime which resulted in a universe that some feature films didn't canonically expand. In fact, Toei Animation indulged and prepared more than one film a year with Goku and his companions in the 1990s, dealing with new antagonists and mythical challenges.

Among the antagonists in the Dragon Ball Z films was that Super Android C13which never appeared canonically in the series but became almost unbeatable in Toei's feature film. Not only could he keep up with Goku, but he was also able to transform himself by absorbing the components of C14 and C15: it was precisely this union with the parts of his companions smashed by Vegeta and Trunks that enabled him to reach a new level of power with the he almost managed to tear apart pieces of Goku. At one stage of the clash, the poor Saiyan also suffered a severe blow to the lower parts, a scene that continues to amaze the audience.

And only that Scene with C13 aiming at the lower parts of Goku was selected as a preview by Apple TV To present Dragon Ball Z: The Three Super Saiyajins to the public on its own platform. Needless to say, this election caused more than laughs on Twitter, as evidenced by the tweet below in which user Tanooki Joe points out the situation.

Even though C13 never appeared in the original seriesHe remains highly regarded by fans of the series. It's also one of the most powerful androids that Doctor Frost has developed, at least so far.

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