Longer-term anime have occasionally used filler episodes, that is, those episodes with a plot that was invented by the anime staff for various purposes, e.g. Like Bleach and Naruto in ONE PIECE there are fillers.

Toei Animation’s anime, which is based on the manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda, made less use of this production of episodes, limited itself to a limited number of them and sometimes discarded the minutes with these unpublished scenes in other episodes. What and how many are the filler episodes of the ONE PIECE anime? Let’s see the episodes and sagas that were entirely made up by Toei Animation.

  • The first filler episodes are those of episodes 54-61.
  • In the Alabasta saga, the filler episodes are 98 and 99, 101 and 102.
  • Then there is the first complete filler saga of the Navarone Fortress, episodes 196-206.
  • In the Foxy saga, the filler episodes are from 213 to 216 and from 220 to 226.
  • Many filler episodes were produced during the Enie’s lobby saga. These are from 279 to 283, 291 and 292, 303, from 317 to 319, 326, from 328 to 336.
  • This was followed by episodes 382 to 384, 406 and 407.
  • While Impel Down there were some specials related to the movie Gold, with episodes 426 to 429. Another filler is at the end of the saga with episodes 457 and 458.
  • While Marineford was just the special episode with Toriko, 492, filler.
  • Another very unusual saga is dedicated to the film ONE PIECE Z, from 542 to 578.
  • There were four filler episodes on Punk Hazard, 590 and 626-628.
  • During Dressrosa there were four more, from 747 to 750.
  • In the next saga it was 775, from 780 to 782.
  • Only two for Whole Cake Island, the 807 and 881.
  • Wano had two specials, 895 and 896 to promote the movie ONE PIECE: Stampede, and then the special 907 Romance Dawn episode to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Many other episodes of ONE PIECE are mixed main story fillers instead, so they are not on the list.

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