Censorship is practically the order of the day in the world of anime, and Italy is absolutely no exception. In fact, we've seen numerous scenes over the years, including those from famous series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and even Sailor Moon, as well as the famous animated version of Pokémon is among the victims.

In fact, a fan shared a scene on Reddit that appears to be innocent, but went through a major cut in the editing phase. The clip in question, which you can find at the bottom of the news, has as its protagonist Jesse and James, historical members of Team Rocketwho followed Ash and his companions almost everywhere in the first series.

After Jesse and James steal medical equipment, they are caught red-handed. As soon as Team Rockets OST leaves we will see one of their special introductory speeches which has the quality of rhyme but not that of @ g0dzilllla. In fact, we see towards the end of the video a clean cut from James' punch lineto avoid saying a word that rhymes with "itch" previously said by the partner.

A choice that suggests how important it is to TV stations not to convey inappropriate language to children, the main goal of these types of programs, but that it disregards the work of the original authors and adapters. Remember that a fan created a specific Charizard cosplay and that the first Italian trailer for Pokémon Explorations was released.

As a kid I always asked myself why that didn't rhyme, now I realize why ... lmao from r / pokemon

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