The mangaka from My Hero Academia and Black Clover swap out these covers and do them

My hero academia is Black clover are currently two of the biggest series released on Shonen Jump. Manga are two titles that immediately met with huge success, and their respective anime made them famous around the world.

YÅ«ki Tabata is Kohei Horikoshi They made a very special exchange. In fact, the two mangaka created two covers for the volumes of their work, with Tabata creating one cover for My Hero Academia and Horikoshi one for Black Clover. As always, we leave you the picture at the bottom of this message.

These two magnificent blankets blew us away! What stands out is the style of the creator of Black clover fits perfectly with Bakugo's character and aesthetic, the most angular of the three characters shown in the picture. Izuku instead, it reminds us a little auction (but with green hair!).

Horikoshi is famous for its vibrant style and softer lines. This means that Asta in the version of My hero academia he looks rounder and more childish, but still retains his villainous air. The same goes for Noelle and Yuno, certainly Horikoshi had a lot of fun drawing our beloved trio.

And while the pandemic doesn't stop work on season five of My Hero Academia, the new story arc is set to arrive soon, according to the director of Black Clover. A very interesting 2021 awaits us!

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