Yashahime: A moving encounter for Moroha is the focus of the third episode

After a nostalgic first episode that showed us the characters from the original series, the sequel to Inuyasha, Yashahime: Princess Half Demon came to the heart of the narrative with the trio of new protagonists Moroha, Towa and Setsuna, and the third episode featured Moroha's first real encounter with her mother Kagome's family.

The final two episodes of the sequel to Rumiko Takahashi's work introduced us to the new characters who are likely to accompany the three girls on their adventures, and the final scenes of the second episode left an intense twist.

Moroha and Setsuna, fighting a demon, found themselves in the present thanks to a portal that suddenly brought them in an area where some members of the Higurashi family were also presentwho recognized Kagome's features in the young Moroha at once. Fortunately, the three girls manage to fend off the demonic threat that caused their journey through time.

Not at all surprised by the event because she is used to Inuyasha's fights, Kagome's mother approaches Morohaand told her that she looks very much like her daughter, especially in her eyes and the way she looks. It's an intense scene and at the same time sad about the situation in which they first met, even though This special relationship could deepen as the series progressesand maybe give the other higurashi more space.

Recall that Hisui, the son of Sango and Miroku, also made his debut, and we leave you to a new theory about the mother of Sesshoumaru's daughters.

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