One of the most anticipated novelties of the spring season in the Japanese animation catalog was bladder Film by Wit Studio, which is already enjoying great success. A feature film that kept Araki and his team on their toes, as he and producer Kawamura explained in a fairly lengthy interview.

Arrived on the Netflix platform on April 28, 2022Araki's latest film has presented a real challenge throughout the production process, and a recent meeting with fellow comics allowed the director to address some of the most relevant behind-the-scenes questions and the film itself.

When asked first about the message he wanted to convey to viewers, Araki replied: "what actually happened to us is really depressing. But I wanted the film to be like this kind of a breath of fresh air to reject that kind of reality". This was also possible thanks to the investments made by producer Kawamura, who reiterated in the interview how incredible it was to work with Araki and company Takeshi Obata, EVE and General Urobuchi.

Reflection on these talents was then discussed at the more complicated stages of production. Kawamura confessed that although there were multiple concerns, many team members had concerns worked with Araki in the pastand so it was almost automatic to find synergies even in fairly complex phases.

Finally, the question was asked which section of the film the director and producer would have preferred after viewing the final project. Araki I think back to Scenes of action and violence that made him famous in many communities, he focused on how, following Kawamura's advice, he managed to convey a love story even through these types of sequences.

A Connection of emotions and action, which Kawamura recognizes as coming from Hayao Miyazaki's films, and which is portrayed here through parkour in a city of Tokyo isolated from the rest of the world, and with an aesthetic that he believes leads to an innovation to anything else Japanese animation. Finally we leave you to our bubble review,

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