In the final chapter of X-Men, Cyclops and Jean Gray revealed that they intended to form a new team, and that too The last component is chosen by the residents of Krakoa. Marvel Comics has confirmed that indeed The choice is up to the readersand that the winner of the referendum is the same as that chosen by the islanders.

The voting for the selection of the new member of the X-Men is open tomorrow from 6:00 p.m. January 27, 2021and it will be possible to express a preference for only one of the ten candidates. The online voting ends on January 28th at 6:00 a.m. (Italian time) and the winner will be announced in the following days. The candidate who receives the most votes becomes part of the new team.

Below is the link to access the official Marvel Elections page. However, we assume that access will be impossible until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. Among the ten candidates are five women and five men, whom we list below with the official Italian names:

  • armor: The young Asian student at the Xavier Institute has always dreamed of being part of the X-Men.
  • banshee: former member of the X-Men, rich and airworthy. He can rely on psychological attacks.
  • Bomb-bomb: Alpha level mutant and member of X-Force, creates explosive attacks.
  • Cannonball: former miner and member of the Xavier Institute, he was a member of the X-Force.
  • Wrought: Indian, extremely tech-savvy, an inventor, warrior and magician.
  • mark: Former villain and later member of the X-Men, he can grow his bones and use them as weapons.
  • Polaris: Daughter of Magneto, she has the same skills and was part of the X-Factor group.
  • Strong: Guido Carosella, the only mutant of Italian origin. It can convert kinetic energy into physical strength and deliver extremely violent blows.
  • Sunspot: Brazilian mutant that can absorb solar radiation and convert it into bursts of energy. He was part of the Avengers.
  • time: Founder of the terrorist group MLF, now on the side of the good guys. Her skills enable her to manipulate time.

What do you think about it? Who will you choose Let us know with a comment! While we wait to find out the winner, we refer you to the latest developments in the Sword series.

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