The adventure of Naruto Uzumaki has shaped the hearts of us viewers, who years after the first vision thanks to Crunchyroll can finally relive the journey of the ninja of Konoha. The streaming platform just announced that the anime's first season is now available with Italian subtitles.

Through an official release, Crunchyroll just announced that Naruto's Adventure is finally available for viewing Subtitles in Italian. At the moment, only the first season of the anime is available, which ranges from the debut of The Ninja and Konoha Village to the Chunin Trial (episode 26).

"Do you remember when you saw the young Naruto Uzumaki for the first time? How did you feel when you started to know and love the Leaf Village? When you feel this nostalgia and want to remember these moments or when If you've never seen the series, this is the time! ".

"The first season of Naruto is now available on Crunchyroll with Italian subtitles. More will come in the future, but it depends on when the Hokage decides to entrust this mission to Team 7. In the meantime, sharpen your chakra and refresh your memory because action, fun, mysticism and even tears will keep you company thanks to this timeless series. "

So soon on the platform The rest of the episodes should happen Subtitle. What do you think of this announcement? Are you going to dive headlong into a second vision? Rock Lee's training was played in a Naruto video. Itachi Uchiha had a girlfriend in Naruto.

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