What will be the next island the Mugiwara will land on? The protagonists of ONE PIECE they have closed the accounts with Wano, the samurai island that has kept them busy for several weeks - coinciding with the multi-year publication in Weekly Shonen Jump - and therefore they must continue their journey by discovering different locations.

However, what greeted them in the new place surprised everyone. First there was the appearance of Jewelry Bonney, now in the ONE PIECE 1061 spoiler with pictures there is another sensational presentation. When Vinsmoke and Caesar Clown flee Whole Cake Island, the Mugiwara get into trouble. Luffy manages to snag both Chopper and Jewelry Bonney, but both she and the Thousand Sunny are attacked by some robotic sharks found in the surrounding waters.

Luffy falls into the water with the others and then they have trouble while the Thousand Sunny overturns. Jinbe sets out to rescue the three fruity ones while the others try to stay close to the ship. The shark is about to attack the survivors when a Franky's giant robot steps in and thwarts the threatalso arranges the ship.

There is a naval headquarters nearby with Tashigi and the children rescued by Punk Hazard. There is also Helmeppo from SWORD asking Seraphim to go and save Koby. On the shores of the new island, Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Jewelry Bonney have been separated and drying up while the woman reveals they are on Egghead, Vegapunk's island.

In the finale of ONE PIECE 1061, a girl with a suit and the writing "Punk 02" appears in front of the Thousand Sunny. claims to be Vegapunk. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for the following week.


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