The cyber realm buzzed with excitement as Yuu Saitou's Giji Harem, also known as Pseudo Harem, heralded a new promotional clip. This snippet teases aficionados with glimpses of animated artistry and melodic voices, yet, tantalizingly withholds the series' debut date.

Stellar Assembly Behind the Scenes

Meticulously orchestrated by Toshihiro Kikuchi, whose past works sent ripples throughout the anime community, the project promises meticulous direction. The creative alchemy boasts contributions from script conjurer Yuuko Kakihara, character virtuoso Yoshihisa Satou, and the harmonious compositions of Takeshi Watanabe, crafting a narrative that resonates with depth and originality.

Eiji, a high school student, dreams of popularity. Luckily, he has Rin, his cunning drama club partner, who creates the illusion that Eiji is surrounded by female admirers. Amidst all this feigned affection, the line between the real and the artificial blurs. Will Eiji be able to discover who has real feelings for him?

Meet The Voices

  • Aural avatar Nobuhiko Okamoto breathes life into protagonist Eiji Kitahama.
  • Melodic essence Saori Hayami channels Rin Nanakura.

The Craftsmen of Illusion

  • Helming the visual voyage, Toshihiro Kikuchi guides this animated ship with a steady hand.
  • Wordsmith Yuuko Kakihara weaves the scriptural tapestry with finesse.
  • Through Yoshihisa Satou's designs, characters leap from page to palpable reality.
  • Takeshi Watanabe infuses soul into the tale with his symphonic score.

A Narrative Palette

Second-year student Eiji Kitahama yearns for the effervescent glow of adoration. In a twist of fate, his path crosses with Rin Nanakura, who with a flourish of her dramatic talent engenders a mirage of doting damsels. The charade enchants Eiji—as real as the morning sun—but can Rin's genuine sentiments pierce through the masquerade and find harbor in his heart?

Source: Comic Natalie

Share this enthralling odyssey with peers, delve into the heart of Giji Harem, and await with bated breath as the curtain rises on a world draped in a tapestry of make-believe.

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