While waiting for Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super to be released, many fans are speculating about possible future events for the new saga and the role of its protagonist, the “survivor” Granolah. In the last issue we discovered the past of the Celerean and understood its reasons. But is his hatred really justified?

Chapter 68 of the manga confirms that Granolah is a mercenary and that while he cannot rely on exceptional strength or agility, However, he has excellent strategic skills and great intelligence and coldness. The character’s hatred is mostly directed towards Freeza, who will undoubtedly return at this point, but there are plenty of backstories that Granolah doesn’t know about.

Since its inception, Freeza has been defined as a character primarily interested in conquering planets (which he often resells to the highest bidders) and subjugating entire races that he kills or uses for other purposes. At the moment it is impossible to know if Cereal, the planet of Granolah, has been hiding a secret or if it poses a threat to the emperor of the universe. but it is always possible that the order to kill all residents came from someone else.

For example, this is confirmed in Dragon Ball Super: The Resurrection of F Planet Vegeta was destroyed on the orders of Beerusand that although Freeza had personal interests in carrying out the slaughter, it was the command of the God of Destruction that started the events.

Before the Namek battle in Dragon Ball Z, It is revealed that Freeza controlled about 80 planets at the timeand some kind of massacre like the one in chapter 68 of the manga is not necessarily part of his path. In the Toriyama series, we’ve often seen Freeza arguing with the races that should be suppressed before the start of the conquest operation, and the total annihilation of a planet – where possible – wasn’t always the villain’s first option.

Granolah is currently not strong enough to beat Freeza, however The inevitable clash of the two could certainly turn things aroundhow the past of Cereal’s Warrior was voluntarily shown in a very smoky way.

What do you think about it? Twist in sight? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that Shueisha recently showed the official design of Granolah in full color and without an eye patch.

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