Ash Ketchum traveled to many regions during the Pokémon anime. With almost every series, his group has changed, with the only constant travel companion being his inseparable Pokémon Pikachu. The role of female co-star was assigned to Misty, Vera, Iris, but also Serena.

The latter is one of Ash's travel companions most loved by fans of the anime Pokémon. Accompanied by her Fennekin and the rest of the group, however, she decided to part with the head coach, with whom a certain spark seemed to be together. Serena has not been featured in the Pokémon anime in a while and is unlikely to return to a permanent base, while Goh has currently been given the shoulder role.

However, Serena still lives in the memories of Pokémon fans, one in particular, as she also brought her own cosplay with her. Cosplayer Mochi Marie wore Serena in Kalos and shows us what the girl would look like in real life. Gray sweater, red skirt and a hat of the same color that covers the brown hair make it one very loyal Serena Cosplay. In the Poké Ball he is holding in his hands there will surely be his faithful Fennekin, who has now evolved into Braixen. What do you think about this Pokémon cosplay?

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