The conclusion of X of Swords is drawing nearer and in the delicate balance established between the residents of Krakoa and those of Arakko, the first deceptions and delusions emerge, as shown in Volume 6 of the Hellions title.

The group of satyrs actually planned a secret mission to sabotage opponentsand thus secure the tournament victory in Krakoa. The strategy developed seemed to have no weaknesses, but a traitor hid in the ranks of the X-Men, who preferred to ponder his own interests and confront his companions with a dangerous and uncertain future.

In Hellions # 5, Sinistro suggested to the Quiet Council of Krakoa that they organize an expedition to Arakko of the Hellions to take care of it steal the swordsmen's weaponswhich would inevitably lead to a surrender and thus to the victory of Krakoa and the saving of the earth. The idea is accepted and Sinistro is held responsible for the operation. The rest of the tape has revealed Sinistro's real goals that he decides to send his clone to manage such a dangerous mission.

What is also worrying and interesting is the fact that once you have been killed in the Andersland you cannot return to life. In Hellions # 6, the team arrives at Arakko and discovers that the tournament has already started. On their way they encounter Locus Vile, a group of terrible artificial mutants, and it is here that Sinister carries out his plan. He didn't care about swords he just wanted to extract genetic material from arakko's mutantsand as soon as drones approach the Locus Vile, they attack the Hellions.

Nanny is killed immediately, Havok's hands are cut off and At Orphan Maker, literally all limbs are torn offand it looks like one of the opponents is planning to eat it. Sinister passes the collected samples on to Kwannon, who, thanks to the sacrifice of Wild Child, manages to escape with Havok, Greycrow and Empath. In addition, Sinistro, or rather its clone, appears to be dead as well.

The Hellions manage to return to Krakoa, but there they are waiting for them the real creep who kills them once the cameras go blackthus preventing Cerberus from making her understand his betrayal. After massacring his comrades, he pretends to be the only survivor of a terrible enemy attack. It's not the first time Sinister has done this, he's a super villain after all, but it will be interesting to see the consequences of his actions.

Recall that two historical X-Men writers are set to return with a miniseries and we let you discover the new mutant introduced in X of Swords Creation.

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