The new story arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is finally about to come alive and bring some of the most anticipated characters from the community to the stage. When Goku and Hearts take on Freeza and Cooler, three new fighters actually burst into play.

The animated commercial is in the middle of a new saga that will cause Goku to clash with some of his greatest powerful antagonists. Using his dark power, Fu managed to banish the Saiyan into a mysterious parallel universe. However, the protagonist is not alone, waiting for his awakening, where the brothers Freeza and Cooler are.

While there are still no traces of Vegeta, Goku is unexpectedly aided by Hearts, who appears to have switched sides after his defeat. But in the second episode of the space-time war arc, this makeshift duo is confronted new editions.

As the Twitter user DBS Chronicles announced, the next episode of this saga will be released in Japan at the 15 th of April. Not only did the insider reveal the debut date, but also awaited the episode recap.

Under the title "The warrior in black appears! A new adventure begins!" The episode begins from the end of the previous one. ""Goku and Hearts fight Xeno Freeza and Cooler. Suddenly, Broly appears out of nowhere and attacks everyone indiscriminately".

But it won't be just that Super Saiyan Legendary come back in this episode. ""In a difficult situation, a mysterious warrior in black appears. After meeting the masked Saiyan, Goku and Hearts went in search of the Dragon Balls to escape space-time. ".

Therefore, old and new threatsIn this second episode of the arc, a new universe awaits Goku to explore. In the meantime, let's find out what happened to Vegeta in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. We are investigating the identity of the mysterious masked Saiyan from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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