In the last hours, the animated transposition of the manga World's End Harem did discuss the community. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a work by Kotaro Shono, published only on the Shonen Jump + portal, mainly known for a rather marked hentai component.

In particular, users are wondering how a title with so many elements liable to censure can receive a worthy transposition. The manga tables, although not having an explicit sexual content, provide a more than evident suggestion.

It was predictable, given that - being published on Shonen Jump + - the author could not exaggerate in the graphic representation of the sequences. The approach taken, however, is enough to justify a careful review process of the animated series, in order to make its transmission possible.

The manga plot follows the story of a boy named Mizuhara Reito, who wakes up in a world where he is one of the five men left alive. The US publisher Seven Seas, which manages the manga's publishing rights, provided an explanatory synopsis of the premises of the work:

"Their only mission is to repopulate the world by impregnating as many women as possible, despite Reito's goal is to find his childhood love."

Fans, as you can see at the bottom of the article, have expressed their dissent regarding the appellation "TV Anime", because of a narrative plot that makes such a denomination hardly credible.

Shonen Jump + has several interesting works on its side; have you ever read Spy X Family or Hell's Paradise? If the answer is negative, we strongly recommend that you take a look at it.

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