The market for originality in the animation industry is an opportunity not all studios have. Therefore, any production that is not inspired by a manga, novel, or other original source is carefully reviewed. In this case it is noticeable Miracle egg priority, the new anime from Studio Cloverworks.

Cloverworks Studio is a particularly young reality in the industry, a company born out of the rib of A1 pictures (Sword Art Online) and that has recently started to break away from the old owner more and more. The newest destiny, supported by the success of The Promised Neverland e Darling in the Franxx allowed the company to ride the wave and announce a new original production, Wonder Egg Priority.

However, there isn't much information about the new series as of yet, other than a first teaser trailer, the same attachment at the bottom of the news. There is currently no official plot summary available, which we hope will be posted online in the coming days. What we can add, however, is that the anime is expected to debut in January 2021 and be directed by the director Shin WakabayashiThe role of character designer and animation director is entrusted to the talent Saki Takahashi who already has to prove her skills in Her Blue Sky, the latest original anime from the director of Toradora.

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