Let's wait for the new chapter of ONE PIECE and let's find out the latest news about the clash between the protagonists drawn by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda and their opponents, a challenge that has now come to a showdown.

in the Chapter 1012 We got to witness the new moves of Zoro, a swordsman who got much stronger after the tough training he went through. Even so, Zoro is seriously injured during his fight on the roof of the pirate headquarters of Hundred Beasts. It is Trafalgar Law who saves the swordsman, hands him over to Sanji, and reveals the swordsman to him Gravity of the situation: "He'll have twenty or thirty broken bones. Put some splints on him, go upstairs and make sure he is conscious and breathing".

Trafalgar then returns to the fight while Sanji bandages Zoro and goes to Kappa and Momo. Meanwhile, Luffy continues his Challenge with KaidoThe fight between the two will be the biggest challenge of the Wano narrative arc that the many fans are waiting for.

Do you think Zoro can still join the battle? Let us know with a comment on the news. In the last few days it was announced that the new chapter of ONE PIECE will not be available immediately, while here you can see a true to original cosplay of the protagonist of ONE PIECE.

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