The subsidiary of Sony, animplex; Your animation studio CloverWorks; the sister company of Production IG, WIT studio; and the publisher shueisha announced that they have come together to form a new company called JOEN. The company's primary focus is the planning and production of anime television series, anime films and short clips.

WIT Studio and CloverWorks

The aim of the company is to align production to "the best production lines and creators" so much for CloverWorks as for WIT studiorather than channeling the process through a single company. The new company will also aim to provide both studios with a better business model that will allow for more effective profit sharing between "the staff, creators and contributors of the animation studio.” The company also plans to partner with studios other than CloverWorks and WIT Studio. The statement writes:

  • CloverWorks and WIT studio They will work together to make the most of their strengths throughout the production process, from the planning phase to the final product. Because we are involved in every step of the creative process, we can guarantee that the final product will be of high quality and produced with the values ​​of the recipient company in mind.
  • In addition to our collaborations with CloverWorks and WIT Studio, we also intend to leverage the industry connections they offer us to expand our reach and collaborate with diverse studios, producers and developers to create a framework that allows us to Prioritize those involved in the production process.
  • Instead of running all processes through a single company, we will try to customize the best production lines and creators for each project. In addition, we will also help through financial support, creating an environment for these projects to thrive, and much more.

The producer of CloverWorks, Yuichi Fukushimaand that of WIT studio, Tetsuya Nakatakeare the deputy directors of JOEN. The company has an initial capital investment of 100 million yen (more than 783 thousand US dollars). Both companies are currently working on an anime adaptation of SPY x FAMILY together while CloverWorks recently produced Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My dress up favorite) J Akebi-chan no Sailor fuku (Akebi's sailor's uniform); while WIT studio recently produced Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) J Vivy: The Song of Fluorite Eye.

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