The years pass but the practice is always the same: every time the name of Yuya Takahashi appears in the credits of any anime of Dragon Ball, the fans cheer. The Japanese animator is now famous all over the world for the superb quality of his works, and recently he has decided to show some interesting tricks to the new players.

At the top of the article you can take a look at tutorial posted by the animator, which shows the process of making a clash between Saiyans. Obviously, in order to be able to grasp the artist's advice, some basic knowledge is needed, but in case you simply want to see the fruits of about 20 minutes of work, just take a look at the short clip available at the bottom.

For those unfamiliar with it, Yuya Takahashi is a 41-year-old Japanese animator. During his career the artist has worked on the realization of some of the most famous souls of the past 20 years, including Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Fairy Tail is ONE PIECE. He is considered by many to be the best Dragon Ball animator, second only to Naohiro Shintani.

And what do you think of it? Impressed? Let us know with a comment! Also on the subject of Dragon Ball then, do not miss the opportunity to take a look at our special on the ten best fighting techniques of the series and the deepening on Ultra Instinct.

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