Bakugo is one of the main characters of My hero academia, Kohei Horikoshi's successful manga and his relationship with Deku, the protagonist of the work, is one of the pivotal points of the narrative. In this regard, many fans have asked themselves an obvious question: why does Midoriya call her friend by the nickname "Kacchan"?

As the manga tells us at the beginning of the narrative, it was Midoriya and Bakugo Playmates since childhooduntil the moment when Bakugo began to discover the nature of Quirk without a friend push him away and bully himFinding him inferior is an obstacle on his way to becoming the number one hero. However, despite the deterioration in the relationship, Deku has never felt a grudge against his boyfriend and loved him both before and after receiving the One For All from All Might, an event that My Hero Academia recently highlighted in the manga. In the relationship between the two characters, the only consequence of Midoriya's new power was a web Weakening of the feeling of inferiority that he had previously evolved towards his friend and his very powerful explosive quirk.

During the UA years, the two had various verbal and physical clashes, even from nonsense, as happened in the manga in a scene from the new anime season of My Hero Academia. The most important of these conflicts is undoubtedly the struggle a few years ago, which was then interrupted Anything couldThis was an occasion that Bakugo also received confirmation the hereditary nature of Midoriya's new idiosyncrasy. From that moment on, the boy saw him as a rival again and retraced his steps.

Deku never stopped being "KacchanThe nickname has a very simple origin: it is a mixture of the abbreviation of the name Bakugo Kac Instead of Katsukito which the Japanese suffix is ​​then added -chan, is usually used to indicate people you particularly like and have known all your life, as in the case of My Hero Academia, or even to refer to children.

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