In the July issue of the magazine Monthly Comic Rex from the publisher Ichijinsha it was revealed that the series of light novels written by Hanyuu and illustrated by Shri, Cheat Skill "Shisha Sosei" ga Kakusei Shite, Inishie no Maougun wo Fukkatsu Sasete Shimai Mashita, will be adapted to manga by Risumai.

The adaptation will begin in the next edition of the magazine, scheduled to be published on June 27. For his part, Hanyuu began publishing the light novels on the website. Shousetsuka ni Narou in August 2019. Ichijinsha publisher began its paper publication with illustrations by Shri, launching the first volume on May 2.

Synopsis of Cheat Skill “Shisha Sosei” ga Kakusei Shite, Inishie no Maougun wo Fukkatsu Sasete Shimai Mashita

The story centers on Licht, a healing magician who is part of a team of S-Rank adventurers. However, when he gains the "Resurrection" ability, he is quickly perceived and treated as a king. Consequently, his companions betrayed him and murdered him under the king's orders. However, Licht is resurrected by his own ability and vows revenge against humans. This is how Licht will resurrect the entire army of the former Demon King and will become the greatest threat that humanity has ever seen before.

Source: ANN

© は に ゅ う • shri / 株式会社 一 迅 社 ICHIJINSHA


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