The anime of Dragon Ball Super he managed to recover with the last saga, that of the tournament of power. According to the will of the two Zeno, all the universes currently in existence in the world, with the exception of the four strongest, should take part in this manifestation. The reason was that there were too many faint universes that the Zenos had become bored with.

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and all their other companions were then forced to take part in the Tournament of Power. In front of them stood the enemies of the other universes: Kale and Caulifla, Hit, Toppo and above all Jiren. The white alien in particular managed to interfere serious difficulties the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super.

With one fight after the other, the weakest competitors and their universes were eliminated. In the end, only universe 7 remained, that of Goku and his companions, and universe 11, that of the unbeatable Jiren. After an extraordinary fight, Goku and Freeza managed to knock Jiren out of the ring. You lost all three, but with this gesture The last one left in the universal ring was # 17. The Android then consoled itself with its price, that is, to be able to fulfill a wish with the Super Dragon Balls.

# 17 brought everything back up to date by restoring the universes the Zeno erased during the Tournament of Power. You remembered it End of the Dragon Ball Super Anime?

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