Answering the question that is the title of this message is extremely complex as the distance between the upper floors is getting closer and closer. But within Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac There is a Golden Knight who, in our opinion, surpasses the others. Let's find out who he is and why.

Analyze who the strongest gold knights are in the canonical images of the masterpiece of Masami Kurumada as we expected at the beginning, it is very difficult. However, there are two characters that we believe challenge the burden and the honor: Shaka (Virgin) e Twins (Saga). The latter in particular appears offensively as one of the most powerful knights, thanks in particular to two absurd techniques of the caliber of Dark dimension ed Galactic explosion, the second that, among other things, can hurl an entire galaxy that has been shattered at its opponent under the deadly force of its cosmos.

Unlike Shaka, however, Gemini sins in the defense area, where instead his direct rival shines heavily on this occasion. His extraordinary barrier even allows him to hold three of his equal knights. saga, Camus (Aquarius) e Shura (Capricorn) as well as turning the tables and almost incapacitating them. Of course, it should be added that the three were weakened in this context by the lack of their armor, but it is interesting to note that, despite everything, he himself reveals that he can only be defeated by a forbidden blow to the detriment of their status as knights. Gold.

Furthermore, in our opinion, Virgo is superior to Gemini even from the world where he battles the protagonists during their ascension, or by staying anchored on his throne and only being defeated by Kurumada's decision to force the narrative. After all, it remains important to remember his Buddha's reincarnation role which makes him almost invincible like a divinity. His move falls on in the attack "Task of the east"While in the defensive area the ability"For the Holy Virgin"is extremely useful for robbing opponents of their senses.

Who do you think is the strongest gold knight? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below. But when you spoke of Saint Seiya, did you know how old the protagonist is and why archer armor comes in his defense?

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