There was a moment in the '80s that created a trend that continues to this day. The rabbit costume that many girls wear in anime may have started at that time thanks to the influence of Playboy, the famous erotic magazine.

Slowly, and especially lately for fan service reasons, the protagonists of the anime have been officially dressed in these very special clothes, perhaps during special episodes or in any case situations, albeit brief ones, inserted into the plot. And just considering all the official versions, what are they best bunny girls in the world of anime? Here are the top 5.

We'll start with that fifth position occupied by Haruhi Suzumiyathe protagonist of the series of the same name, impulsive and energetic, who keeps throwing herself into new situations, and just in one of them she found herself on stage singing the song "God Knows" with a rabbit costume to attract as much attention as possible arouse possible.

A little further up Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Kallen is a strong and proud fighter who would hardly wear such a dress if not for really important and urgent reasons, and this is exactly why she is featured in an episode of the series with a pink corset and ears from the little bunny.

The Podium will be opened by Erza Scarlet, the legendary Fairy Tail sorceress who knows how to wear many costumes depending on the occasion. Her disposition allows her to easily wear the black corset, stockings, heels and ears at her guild festivals or other occasions. The silver medal instead goes to one of the main contributors to this trend, viz rabbit Bulma. She made a brief appearance in Dragon Ball, which then inspired several gags in that chapter round, and was one of the first to officially appear in this dress.

Finally, first place goes to the protagonist of Rascal Does Not Dream of Dreaming Girl, one of the newest and most popular anime evolved from light novels. Mai Sakurajima is an ordinary girl but who, due to the vision of Sakuta, the protagonist of the story, always finds herself disguised as a rabbit and in recent years has become the perfect model for this type of clothing. It's no coincidence that many cosplayers try Mai Sakurajima's cosplay dressed as a bunny girl.

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