Ash Ketchum's career in the Pokémon anime is definitely over as the final episode featuring him and Pikachu will air in late March 2023 in Japan. With April and Spring already upon us, it's time for a new journey in the hands of another generation of brand new sneakers presented in Pokemon Horizons.

Pokémon Horizons debuted in Japan on April 14, 2023 with a much longer than usual special episode. In fact, the first two episodes were broadcast together with a total duration of no less than an hour of airtime. The opening of Pokémon Horizons opened the door to that new career for Liko and Roytwo children who will immediately get caught up in some problems.

The two young coaches and their friends are back in a new video four days after the first home broadcast. The Pokémon Horizons promo presents, for those who haven't seen it yet, the content of the first long episode of the series. Liko and Roy meet up with their Pokémon and embark on a journey that also involves the group led by Friede and Captain Pikachu. The Rising Volt Tacklers will be an integral part of this series as their airship also welcomes Orla and her Metagross.

And the surprises don't end there, as can be seen in Pokémon Horizons 1 Videos available above, there is also the debut of a unique legendary Pokemon. How long are you waiting for this new series dedicated to pocket monsters? The next episode of Pokémon Horizons will air on April 21st.

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