A few months after the Shine Post anime announcement, the staff for the adaptation of the Series of light novels written by Rakuda and illustrated by Buriki officially presented the release date. The premiere was accompanied by a second trailer and two music videos that give a taste of the series' music.

On the official channels of Shine postthe debut date of the animated series was officially announced. The adventure of the idols begins from July 12 on Japanese TV channels. In the PV video, which you can find in the tweet at the bottom of the article, viewers get to know the protagonists. If you are hungry for idols, Oshi no Ko anime series is officially in production.

The clip also reveals a new cast member, Atsumi Tanezaki, voice actor for manager Eiko Kikuchi. to borrow the voices Idol of the "TINGS" group will be Sayumi Suzushiro in the role of Haru Nabatame, Moeko Kanisawa in the role of Kyо̄ka Tamaki, Yuko Natsuyoshi in the role of Rio Seibu, Rimo Hasegawa in the role of Yukine Giongi and Rika Nakagawa in the role of Momiji Itо̄.

Throughout the story, the five protagonists must Challenge another group of idols, the "HY:RAIN", on course for success. The anime is part of a multimedia idol project produced by Konami Digital Entertainment. Two music videos for the songs "First Step" by idol unit FFF and "Yurayura Wonderful World" by idol unit Yurayura Sisters have been released on YouTube. A manga adaptation of the work appears in Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

The Shine Post anime adaptation is Kei Oikawa directed the animation studio Studio KAI. SSP is responsible for the series' scripts, while Tatsuo Higuchi is writing the scripts in collaboration with novelist Rakuda.

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