The new Dragon Ball Super trailer eventually aired on Jump Festa, and not because of a translation error in 2021. But what did the promotional video, broadcast a few hours ago by TOEI Animation and Shueisha, reveal overall? Here are all the details.

Useless to go around, however No news for Dragon Ball Super 2 showed up in the trailer, the same one you can restore at the end of the messages. In fact, TOEI Animation has made a lot of ado about nothing since it was announced that the anime will re-air on BS Fuji from February 2021. Indeed, the news has raised concerns from fans who fear not to see the return. of the franchise not even in 2021. However, it is necessary to create some premises which, by interpreting it differently, may instead raise some hope. Let's go to order:

  • The reruns will be broadcast on a secondary channel by Fuji TV (a kind of Italy 2, so to speak) and it is not certain that it will air one episode per week, in fact this hypothesis is very unlikely. Otherwise, it is more legitimate to expect one episode per day or, if not, multiple episodes to be scored over the week.
  • Digimon Adventure 2020If the rumors and leaks prove correct, it will end in summer 2021.

But what do the two titles have to do with it? Digimon Adventure 2020 is currently airing on the same channel and aired at the same time as Dragon Ball Super during his first run. A very important time window for TOEI Animation due to the large amount of audience that it attracts and that would hardly give up for a possible sequel. But that's not all, because combining the two creates a hypothesis that is as risky as it is stimulating.

Given the end of Digimon's new season, and assuming that reruns will air an episode every day, the two are all too perfect together. DB Super has been completed for more than two years and it may be necessary for TOEI Animation to create a summary of all episodes so that new fans can also approach the franchise. In view of the beginning of the repetitions in the second half of February and July 5, the day on which the continuation of the DBZ officially began in 2015, there is a gap of 19 weeks. And 19 weeks with one episode per day cover perfectly, and even with a small margin for short breaks, all 131 episodes of the anime.

Our hypothesis could therefore be this: the reruns will accompany the end of Digimon Adventure 2020 and the franchise towards a single long train to form a perfect linearity between the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super and the start of Dragon Ball Super 2, below taking into account all related rumors.

And you, instead, what do you think of that theory on the DB Super 2 debut in July? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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