Eiichiro Oda is never trivial when it comes to characterizing the location of their islands. Thanks to the numerous references in the manga by ONE PIECEWe saw that the Wano saga focuses entirely on feudal Japan. From the hierarchical ladder with the Shogun to the topics and procedures, everything is reminiscent of the Far East.

Thanks to ONE PIECE 98 SBS, we learned that Kaido's devil fruit is one Fruit fish fish: Seiryu model. This is the typical Chinese dragon with a blue color that represents spring and is one of the four cardinal points of the Chinese constellation. At this point, Fan Artur - Library of Ohara was trying to come up with a hypothesis Devil Fruit Theory from YamatoKaido's daughter.

In fact, during his brief fight with Tobi Roppo Sasaki, we discovered that Yamato also possesses a fruit with the mysterious power of the ONE-PART sea. What it is is still unknown, although we have seen that it gives it sharp teeth and thus the hypotheses initially centered on a zoo zoo fruitPerhaps that would transform her like a European dragon.

According to the new hypothesis of the Chinese constellation across from Seiryu is Byakkoor a white tiger, which you can also see in a representation in the tweet below. Yamato's colors are also similar to those of the creature. What do you think of this theory?

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