With the return of the Dragon Ball Z saga, and especially with the film that brought the dawn of a new universe and mechanics, we have met the gods of destruction and the angels that accompany them, beings that are almost on top of the divine pyramid of the Dragon Ball Super world.

Every universe has its own God of Destruction and we have it Almost all seen after the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power arch. These beings have special powers and can destroy a planet or other living beings in a short time. With the latest developments in the saga, many fans think that Vegeta will be the next god of the destruction of Universe 7, the main character.

However, according to one fan, there may be another specific character in this universe that is suitable for the role. Surprisingly, Bigbody9277 presents his illustration on Twitter with a Arale goddess of destruction instead of Beerus. The robot protagonist of Dr. Slump, Akira Toriyama's previous manga, was endowed with disproportionate strength and also made a brief appearance in Dragon Ball during the Red Ribbon saga. By his side, There is also Mangi, the flying creature, but known as Gacchan in the manga.

How would you see the lively robot next to Whis?

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