Written on the tape of the fourteenth compilation volume of the manga and illustrated by Yu Tomofuji, Niehime to Kemono no Ouit was announced that the magazine Hana to Yume from the publisher Hakusensha will have a special edition.

This special edition consists of a "sister Shonen magazine" that will be published digitally in the fall. Tomofuji confirmed that he will draw a new manga for this magazine. On the other hand, Hakusensha-Verlag had already announced this magazine in February, but gave no details about a launch date.

The publisher stated that this special edition of Hana to Yume magazine is being created because the magazine is "a Shoujo magazine that men read," and because there is an increase in women reading Shoujo manga. Finally, in addition to Tomofuji, Shiki Chitose (Author of Azphareo no Sobayounin) will also write a manga for this issue.

On the other hand, Tomofuji began publishing the manga Niehime for Kemono no Ou in 2015 in the Hakusensha publishing house's Hana to Yume magazine. The publisher published the thirteenth compilation volume on April 20. The piece contained a new one-shot chapter in December 2019. This new one-shot was a result of a “parallel world” entitled “Kemohime no Futsuu no Ou” that appeared in April 2019 in the magazine.

Source: ANN

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