Almost a year ago, Nakaba Suzuki archived its longest paper. The Manga of the Seven Deadly Sins turned out to be discreet but with a world that is still rich in elements and therefore expandable. And from the beginning the idea was to bring readers back to Britannia with the The Four Knights of the Apocalypse continued.

The Four Knights of Apocalypse arrived a few days ago in Weekly Shonen Magazine, the same magazine that published The Seven Deadly Sins for eight years. It made its debut with 70 pages plus cover and color pages. We see the beginning of the adventure of the new protagonist Percival.

Percival is a little boy who lives on the divine finger, a promontory that rises above the clouds. There is only the house where he lives with his grandfather, and for 16 years he was locked in this place dreaming thanks to the adventures told by the relative who takes care of him. Day after day life passes peacefully between hunting and fighting.

While Percival tells his grandfather that he wants to continue living with him in this isolated place, actually there Boy can't wait to go and discover the world that exists outside. The calm of the two is interrupted when a mysterious holy knight arrives in a boat that flies on the divine finger. The man, protected by completely red armor, immediately attacks Percival's grandfather and appears invincible. The boy resists the blows of the man who leaves as soon as the two are seriously injured.

Balgis reveals that this man in red armor is Ironside Percival's father. The boy who built a grave for his grandfather will then decide to leave Britannia and explore. The four knights of the apocalypse continue weekly in Kodansha Home Magazine.

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