The pandemic has really hurt some sectors, particularly tourism. But there are others, and not just the pharmaceutical and large food distribution sectors, that have received a major boost. One example is online services like Viz Media's, which brings the manga from Weekly shonen jump.

We have already spoken in this area about the results of Manga Plus, a platform that Shueisha has activated in Europe and the rest of the world to make up for this lack of presence. However, in the United States and other English-speaking areas, they already boasted of the contents of Viz Media, a company that, like Manga Plus, puts chapters and even volumes online and in print week after week.

Kevin Hamric, Vice President of Sales at Viz Media, announced in an interview that Viz Media performed "exceptionally well" during the coronavirus pandemic. Hamric did not disclose any sales figures, but added that everything "exceeded all expectations".

The vice president noted that Weekly Shonen Jump manga sales were and were quite high during this period driven by My Hero Academia, the superhero manga by Kohei Horikoshi. Also Spy x Family by Tatsuya Endo, one of the latest hits, made a name for itself by taking first place in sales among recent releases.

Disney Plus also benefited from the global lockdown, along with other companies.

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