Director Taichi Ishidate and producer Shinichiro Hatta spoke about the film in a recent issue of Newtype, Japan Purple Evergarden This underscores that in the pre-production phase there was a lot of doubt and indecision about what to tell in the film, especially given the anime's final events.

"The series doesn't explicitly state whether Gilbert lives or dies, and Violet would keep moving forward even though she may never see him again." Ishidate confirmed and then continued: "Personally, that was all I wanted to tell. When there were rumors of a sequel, I said I didn't mean to add anything else. But when I read the story written by screenwriter Reiko YoshidaIt seemed so believable that I decided to get back into action. I thought Gilbert could still come back. This happened a little less than two years ago. "

During production, however, Ishidate has proven to be quite crucial for some aspects of the narrative: "However, if the focus had stayed on Violet and Gilbert, it would have been a love story," he continued. "It wasn't my intention when I was making the series. When I wondered what to do, Hatta told me."This is the story of Violet's life. ""

Ishidate eventually confirmed that he wanted to climax before reaching the final part of the film, gradually combining the little details that were scattered throughout the film and series. Recall that Violet Evergarden grossed over 1 billion yen, and we leave you with the first ten minutes of the film released by Kyoto Animation.

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