The split Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegal it officially ended with chapter 126. An ending much appreciated by the readers, adapted to the story of Koichi Haimawari, with important details about the protagonist's career, which partially justify his absence from the original Kohei Horikoshi series.

In its six years of release, fans have repeatedly wondered why some of the characters are completely absent from the Deku-starring spin-off story, and have posed so many theories about Koichi and Knuckleduster. However, Chapter 125 of the spin-off states so Haimawari became a pro heroknown as Skycrawler, in the United States of America.

After years spent under the guise of a vigilante, Koichi has actually done so accepted Captain Celebrity's suggestion to work in his agency as a pro hero. Of course, the departure from Japan doesn't necessarily mean Koichi will never return, and as some fans have argued, he could have appeared in the Star & Stripe mini-arc.

Consider the final war between heroes and villains Now started in the manga by Horikoshi, the possibility of seeing Koichi alongside Izuku Midoriya or other important Pro Heroes seems difficult. What do you think about it? Would you like to see the two protagonists together? As usual, tell us in the area reserved for comments.

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