The children of the villages scattered around the Naruto's world They very often aspire to become a ninja and enroll in the academy since childhood. The most accomplished graduate at around age 12, and many of them belong to established clans. The same thing happens in Leaf Village too.

The young teams who graduated from Konoha see up to seven members of well-known clans who, for better or for worse, wrote the history of the village in the Land of Fire. In love with Naruto is the scion of the Hyuga clan who young Hinataa very shy girl who knows how to handle the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist, but cannot distinguish herself from her cousin Neji or her younger sister Hanabi.

Even after Naruto's time warp Hinata stays more or less temperamentally the sameonly to play a very important role in the fight with Pain, in which he will try to free the protagonist from the Akatsuki villain's anti-chakra sticks. Hinata proves her courage in this cosplay as well made by Nadyasonika, with the cosplayer highlighting young Hyuga in two different photos from each other.

Calm at first and then in action, this Hinata shows up ready to defend Konoha.

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