Written by Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court, the prequel explores the past of some of My Hero Academia's protagonists, including Professor Aizawa. In the cliffhanger that closes this Chapter 123 of Vigilante My Hero Academia - IllegalsEraserhead relives this nightmare.

The arrival of All Might put an end to the confrontation with Vigilante's antagonist. That Heroes are convinced that they have won the battle This shocked the city of Naruhata, but the reality of the facts is very different. Number 6 is alive and well. At this appointment we also discover the fate of the other two protagonists of Vigilante.

While the heroes are busy rescuing injured civilians and clearing the debris from buildings, Number 6 wanders around undisturbed in search of Koichi Haimawari. When he finally spots Crawler, after a disturbing monologue, he decides to commit suicide by taking the vigilante with him.

Meanwhile also worried about Koichi's absence Eraserhead goes in search of him. Once in position, he finds him on the ground, motionless and in agony. Aizawa's nightmare, who had already lost his best friend Shirakumo to a battle against a Nomu, repeats itself. Will he be able to save the life of his comrade-in-arms this time?

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