The mental challenge between Light Yagami and Detective L resulted in one of the most exciting non-physical fights in the world of manga. First on Weekly Shonen Jump and then on television around the world, in the 2000s it hit home death noticethe masterpiece by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, which is still much talked about today, has a cult following.

The first part of the anime, available on Netflix, only focuses on the chess moves of the two opponents, however, they face different challenges. However, the introduction of Misa Amane into Death Note blew the cards on the table. The model, which also turns out to be the second Kira, causes the protagonist some headaches, but also brings advantages.

who is Misa Amane? This girl, orphaned by a criminal, feels in awe of Kira after killing her parents' killer, and in return she will also fall in love with Light, become accommodating and try to help him in any way. However, due to her work, the girl will always be in sight.

Now he returns to show himself in this photo that presents a Misa Amane cosplay of perfect goth doll. Just like in the series, the costume used is the Gothic Lolita costume, which she uses most often when she doesn't need to pose with other attire. Furthermore, even the pose used is very reminiscent of that of a well-known color page depicting the protagonist of Death Note seated with her legs up and the Notebook of Death in her hands.

Then there's this co-cosplay of Light and Misa ready to establish order in a new world.

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