We met immediately in My hero academy All Might, the strongest hero, very muscular, blonde, identical to the stereotype of the American superhero. Jump from side to side to help everyone and solve problems in Japanese cities with ease. But then the protagonist Izuku Midoriya discovers the truth about him.

In truth, behind this hyper-muscular form is a skinny and badly injured man from a fight that took place long before the start of My Hero Academia. From this meeting, the story of Deku and his relationship with the Macke One for All will emerge. In either case, All Might will remain present in the plot of the story, especially with its weak version after the events of Kamino.

Just that weak version of All Might was the focus of a cosplay well done by cosplayer Sosenka. With makeup on her face and body, she reproduced the grave look of All Might, but also all of her chest injuries. The photos below show the exhausted and exhausted hero with the huge wound that took away his internal organs and made him much weaker.

She's not the only one who brought a weakened All Might cosplay with her, while All Might cosplay is also circulating online at the height of her strength.

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