Jojomania has hit Japan once again. The Story of Hirohiko Araki, Jojo's bizarre adventure, is back on Ultra Jump for an intriguing new chapter, perhaps the last. The ninth part of the series is The JOJO countrieswhich took readers to new locations and included other characters and powers.

The The first chapter of The JOJO Lands introduced Jodio Joestar, the new protagonist Jojo, but not only: In addition to his status and a quick overview of his power, other characters were introduced that already seem to be fundamental to the economy of this ninth part. Of course, besides Jodio, Dragona and Paco, other characters will arrive who can tell them by helping or thwarting the protagonists.

The second chapter of The JOJOLands has almost arrived in Japan with the release of Ultra Jump officially set for March 17th, 2023, however there have already been several leaks on the net and some of them have greatly attracted the series' fandom. In fact, it's the presentation of a new character that's also an old character: in The JOJOLands there is also Rohan Kishibethe famous mangaka who was featured in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and who over the years has also been able to continue a manga of his own thanks to some independent chapters that Araki has created over the years.

Without going into any other spoilers that might spoil the read, the Character has an outfit virtually identical to that of Rohan Kishibe, complete with a mangaka quill. What are Araki's intentions with this character?

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