Ever since he found a normal life thanks to Makima's intervention, Denji's goal has been one thing: to touch her breasts. Undoubtedly, his main desire is to succeed with the red-haired woman who saved and bewitched him, but the protagonist of chainsaw man certainly not limited to that.

The turning point came with meeting Power, the fiery, arrogant, gruff and overbearing roommate and colleague Denji. In just a few episodes, the devil girl has made herself known and made a promise to the boy, which aroused the chainsaw man's desire to save her and the cat Nyanko from the clutches of the devil bat.

After a fight, right in the first scenes of Chainsaw Man 1x04, Denji reminds the girl what her prize must be. In the same episode, Power seems to want to make good on the promise: Denji's price comes very close in the finale, with the bathroom scene that seems to promise the arrival of the target. Power not only wants to thank him for saving her and Nyanko, but also for not saying anything about the girl's actions and the pact with the devil bat.

How will all of this play out in Chainsaw Man 1x05? Denji will be satisfied What will happen or will the poor protagonist have to settle for something else?

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