Boa Hancock is one of the strongest members of the Fleet of Seven. The organization of the Shichibukai - now disbanded after a sensational Levely that took place just before the Wano saga in Mary Geoise - has long seen them in their ranks, and like so many of this group in the beginning, it is been an enemy of the protagonist of ONE PIECE.

The situation changed almost immediately for the Pirate Empress, as the Straw Hat demonstrated qualities that other men have not shown. Thus, in ONE PIECE, he helped Luffy several times, both by providing him with a cave where he could hide and train, and by helping him to reach different areas of the world. She is also a prominent female character and one of the strongest in combat also appeared in the movie ONE PIECE Stampedethe penultimate of the saga after the release of RED.

Unlike usual, here she is wearing her elegant red dress, which she also wore on Amazon Lily. As can also be seen in the Boa Hancock cosplay by Shermie, the woman wears a part-white, part-black dress, always long and skirted, but exudes the same beauty and vanity, which reflects the characteristics of the figure well. But it must be remembered that it is also dangerous.

Do you know how old Boa Hancock is?

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