Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals, the spin-off work from Kohei Horikoshi, is now about to release its tenth volume and has managed to build an extremely large fan base over the years. Recently everyone is talking about the work again due to an unexpected but definite piece of work Quote about a famous Batman villain.

We talk about it clearly Number 6, one of the series' main antagonists. The villain dreamed of becoming a hero loved and adored by everyone and having received a quirk very similar to that of the famous DC superhero from All for One lightningtried to remove The Crawler and Pop Step from the game.

Unfortunately, the villain hadn't taken into account Endeavor's possible intervention, which led him after one of his most powerful attacks, the Raging Assault Hell Minefield. Along with the power of lightning and a costume practically identical to Nightwing's, the villain is therefore It now also has a Harvey Dent / Two-Face appearancewith whom he also shares the great ideals and the ruinous case. You can take a look at the antagonist's face below.

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