The manga of My hero academia leads readers to experience the drama of the Todoroki family, shocked by a revelation Dabi made during the battle between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front. But the villain's biggest wish is dramatic.

In a retrospective, chapter 301 of Kohei Horikoshi's work tells the painful past of the Todoroki family. Toya, the eldest son of Rei and Enji, had been indoctrinated from birth follow the hero's path. However, the true nature of his idiosyncrasy forbade him to realize the dream his father had entrusted him with.

The boy who inherited his mother's glacier genes was cremated every time he tried to use his flames. This trait caused Endeavor to deter his son from doing it to follow in his footstepsand so shatter his dreams.

Toya's greatest wish was to overcome All Might, so there be noticed by his father, his only idol. However, the cruelty of life prevented him from achieving his goals and led him to transform into the villain known by the name of Dabi. Some background information about the marriage between Rei and Endeavor was also revealed in Chapter 301 of My Hero Academia.

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