Even though Dragon Ball GT The non-canonical series has given us one of the most beautiful transformations in the entire saga, the Super Saiyan 4. Exclusively for Goku and Vegeta and several others chosen in some side projects, this final form was also achieved by Pan in this work of art.

Dragon Ball GT has just turned 25, but it keeps surprising and gives fans strong emotions that keep imagining what the other protagonists would be like if they achieved it the Super Saiyan 4. This time, however, it's not Gohan, Trunks, or Goten to achieve this iconic shape, but Pan, Goku's granddaughter.

Announced later on Reddit, well-known artist Asura-00 released his latest work on DevianArt: Pan Super Saiyan 4. The illustration introduces itself a pan grown up now with long black hair, with a cut similar to her grandfather's style that falls on her body. With a determined look, the young Saiyan has brown fur and shaped abs, which is indicative of the tough training she has undergone.

hold the Stick that once belonged to GokuBehind Pan it is possible to see the monkey's swaying tail. While this work of art is well done, it even rivals the Super Saiyan 4 versions of Goku and Vegeta. And what do you think of Asura-00's work? Here are the origins of Super Saiyan 4. Let's find out how the iconic transformation of Dragon Ball GT was born.

SSJ4 Pan from Asura! Super cool! by r / dbz

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